Amy Livingstone Talks Spiritual Ecology & Art on KBOO Radio

Amy Livingstone, Class of 2007, Marylhurst UniversityAmy Livingstone ’07 discussed sacred art and spiritual ecology in an interview with the Progressive Spirit Network, airing on KBOO radio in 2016.

In a conversation with host John Shuck, Amy Livingstone explored the intersection of theology, ancestral ways of knowing, environmentalism and spiritual ecology. Amy’s work is informed by her love for the earth and engagement with many forms of creative expression, including painting, sculpture, installation and ceremony. She discussed the role of spirituality and sacred art in activism for the earth.

“We’re being bombarded so much today with information about what’s happening on the planet … ecologically, socially … there’s just multiple crises we’re facing, mass extinction of species,” Amy said. “We’re getting all this information, but we have no place to really process it.

“Art has a really important role to play in creating spaces where we can experience those feelings, and have our heart broken open to the beauty of our world and what we’re losing… with the hope that it will inspire action.”

Continuing the conversation, Amy talked about the art installations she has created in recent years — her effort to inspire environmental awareness and action.

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Amy Livingstone earned her M.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in spiritual traditions and ethics from Marylhurst University in 2007. She is the proprietor of Sacred Art Studio in Portland.

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