Blake Shell Presents at International Curators Conference

Blake Shell, The Art Gym’s Eicholz Director and Curator, presented at the Association of Art Museum Curators Annual Meeting in Houston in May 2016.

Blake Shell’s presentation was one of six in the Curatorial Slam, short presentations that showcase dynamic work at various moments in the curatorial process.

In her presentation “Curating Kartz Ucci – recreating digital work for a retrospective,” Shell described how she curated the retrospective exhibition “kartz ucci–an opera for one” which celebrated the artist’s digital and installation art two years after she passed away. In this unusual exhibition, The Art Gym gallery functioned as both artist and institution, as the majority of the work remained only on hard drives.

The Association of Art Museum Curators annual meeting is a four-day program including site visits, networking opportunities, panels and workshops, roundtable discussions and more. The association serves as a voice for all art curators regardless of field, experience level and institutional type.

Blake Shell oversees Marylhurst University’s premier art gallery, The Art Gym, and the historic Belluschi Pavilion, an educational and event space.

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