Candyce Scott Named Art Program Director at Geezer Gallery

Candyce Scott, Class of 2013, Marylhurst UniversityMarylhurst alum Candyce Scott ’13 was recently named art program director at The Geezer Gallery in Portland.

In this role, Candyce Scott is responsible for ordering class materials, developing curriculum, and teaching facilitators of the Capturing Time program, an evidence-based art and writing program presented to seniors.

“In the works right now is a four-day workshop involving World War II vets,” Candyce said. “Storytelling is a key element in our programs, and the art reflects those stories,” she added.

“Back to school” led to new life chapter

Candyce’s connection with The Geezer Gallery began when she was a student at Marylhurst University.

At the age of 57, Scott started taking college classes at Portland Community College, studying computer technology in order to upgrade skills. Enrolling in a sculpture class as an elective, Candyce made mobiles for a class project and voila! She discovered her passion. After completing her community college education, she transferred to Marylhurst where she studied psychology, human behavior and art in the interdisciplinary program.

Her Marylhurst counselor introduced her to Amy Henderson ’09, founder of The Geezer Gallery. “I had just installed my first large kinetic sculpture at the First Unitarian Church in downtown Portland,” Candyce said.  “The Geezer Gallery represented me as an artist, and I was included in the exhibition at OMSI called Mind to Hand.” This exhibition highlighted artworks that incorporated science – both a vehicle for artistic expression and as an agent for positive impact on individuals.

By 2015, Candyce was being trained to facilitate the Capturing Time program for The Geezer Gallery. “I first attended this program as a participant several years ago,” she said. “It ignited enthusiasm for the arts and captured my attention. I became an advocate for the positive health benefits the program can bring.”

Community partnerships extend reach

Candyce began facilitating the Capturing Time program at the Maybelle Center for Community (formerly Macdonald Center). “The residents were amazing,” she said. “I actually had someone in class who was totally blind, and she never thought she would ever be able to do art. She brought her braille writer to class and made a book, complete with artwork.”

The connection between Marylhurst University and The Geezer Gallery has benefited other Marylhurst students and alumni, too. Candyce knows of at least three individuals who have completed internships at The Geezer Gallery.

“I am grateful for all the connections Marylhurst has provided,” she said.

Candyce Scott graduated with honors from Marylhurst University in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies. Her large kinetic sculptures have been installed at Artist Repertory Theater, National University of Natural Medicine and Portland Community College, among others. 


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