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David Blum, Class of 2010, Marylhurst UniversityMarylhurst alum David Blum ’10 published an article outlining solutions to grade inflation at online universities in the Sept. 2017 issue of The Qualitative Report.

David Blum’s article, Nine Potential Solutions to Abate Grade Inflation at Regionally Accredited Online U.S. Universities: An Intrinsic Case Study, takes a hard look at how grade inflation has a negative impact on academic standards and accurate measurement of student knowledge and learning outcomes.

Blum’s research study asked online instructors in the U.S. for their thoughts on curbing grade inflation. Of the 411 faculty members he contacted, 27 agreed to be interviewed for the study.

Blum concluded there isn’t a single solution to the problem, but rather several potential approaches. Briefly, the nine possible solutions Blum outlines are: use rubrics; revise student evaluations; re-evaluate academic policies; institute objective exams; implement instructor training programs; take instructors out of grading; adopt pass / fail grading; measure on ranking rather than GPA; and embrace best practices.

“We can abate grade inflation and make students appreciate the real value of the grades they are earning, not as indicators of something finished, but of something, that is just the beginning,” Blum writes.

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David A. Blum earned his MBA in Sustainable Business from Marylhurst University in 2010. He also holds a Doctor of Business Administration from Walden University. He teaches at Capella University and Facear International University.

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