David Muniandy Published in International Journal

David Muniandy, Class of 2008, Marylhurst UniversityDavid Muniandy published an article titled Development of Yogic Tradition in Buddhism in the International Journal of Science and Consciousness in 2016.

David Muniandy discusses the history of  yoga, with particular emphasis on its connection to Buddhism. He shows how the yogic tradition developed in Buddhism by comparing Patañjali’s Yoga Sūtra with the Buddha Dharma.

In his article, Muniandy writes: “… today

[yoga] is becoming one of the most popular spiritual practices. Its fundamental teachings underlie all the world’s religions, as they are the basics of being a good human being. It was all of the thousands of years of yoga’s tradition and history that brought Buddha far enough to see the next and final step that could truly bring Buddhahood to all living beings.”

He concludes: “The development of the yogic tradition in Buddhism will continue to flourish as these two timeless traditions continue to provide both physical and philosophical techniques for practitioners to gain the ultimate goal of liberation.”

The International Journal of Science and Consciousness is an international, peer-reviewed, quarterly, open access, multidisciplinary e-journal published by the Research Foundation for Science & Consciousness.

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Nanthakumar (David) Muniandy earned a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from Marylhurst University in 2008. He is completing his Ph.D. dissertation on the convergence between Buddhist and yoga traditions from a historical perspective.

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