Derek Franklin Featured in National Art Publications

Derek Franklin, Marylhurst University, Being Mediocre is a Virtue of Survival, 2017

Derek Franklin, director of the art program at Marylhurst University, was featured in two prominent national art publications, ArtNet and ArtForum.

The ArtNet article, Five Worthy Artist-Run Spaces That Have Learned to Thrive Outside of Art-Market Capitals, featured a Cincinnati-based gallery, Anytime Dept., started by two artists who met while living in Portland: Rebecca Steele and Lydia Rosenberg. ArtNet noted the two women “focus on presenting challenging work without bending to market trends or concerns.”

As an example of the challenging work presented by Anytime Dept., ArtNet cites the gallery’s opening exhibition, a solo show by Derek Franklin. His exhibition of sculptures titled “standing around waiting to inhale,” featured works such as Being Mediocre Is a Virtue of Survival, pictured at right.

Franklin was also recognized for his 2017 solo exhibition at Williamson | Knight in Portland, a Critic’s Pick according to ArtForum’s Stephanie Snyder. She  marveled at Franklin’s exhibition of sculptures constructed from metal and meat, writing: “At their core, Franklin’s gently deteriorating sculptures are humble, contemplative, and unsettling—the rotting meats do not feed us literally, yet they sustain the heart and mind extraordinarily well.”

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Derek Franklin is director of art programs and assistant professor at Marylhurst University.

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