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Eileen Schiffer, Marylhurst UniversityEileen Schiffer, assistant professor in the School of Business, published an article on Tapping Into the Power of Your Introverts in the February 2017 issue of Supervision.

In her article, Dr. Schiffer offers information on maximizing the value of introvert employees. She discusses the challenges faced by introvert employees to adapt in an extrovert work environment and the role of leaders to help them.

Here’s an excerpt:

Like immigrants in a foreign land, introverts have learned to assimilate to the norms of their extravert culture. Introverts give speeches, perform, teach and train, lead teams, attend social events and engage in every other activity that requires interaction with other people; and, they do those things as well as any extravert can. Assimilation is necessary for academic, social and career success. But, as is true for any immigrants, that process of assimilation is not an easy one; and, the behaviors that are learned in order to adapt and succeed are never as normal, preferred, instinctive or comfortable as the behaviors of their “home culture” would be. Adapting, on a daily basis, is exhausting. Introverts must expend precious emotional and cognitive resources in their efforts to interact and produce in noisy, social work environments.

Dr. Schiffer offers practical suggestions to create welcoming environments for introvert employees, such as providing quiet rooms, noise-cancelling headphones or changes in organizational design. Other suggestions include flexible work hours, performance rubrics and reflection of preferences.

Supervision is a national trade publication featuring articles aimed at teaching vital facts on minimizing costs and maximizing output for supervisors in industrial relations and operating management.

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Eileen Schiffer, Ph.D., teaches organizational behavior, strategic leadership and ethical management in the School of Business at Marylhurst University. She is an industrial/organizational psychologist with professional and teaching experience in the areas of leadership, organizational change and motivation.

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