Fred Isaacs Featured in Business Journal

Fred Isaacs - School of Business FacultyFred Isaacs, MBA faculty, was featured in a December 2015 Business Journal story on MBA Obstacle Courses – the most challenging courses in Oregon MBA programs.

Isaacs, an attorney who specializes in assisting other lawyers with civil appeals before the U.S. Supreme Court and the U.S. Court of Appeals (Ninth Circuit), said that Business Law is one of the more challenging courses in Marylhurst’s MBA program.

“The course is about ‘real’ business law, i.e., not just terms, concepts and theories, but how these things actually work out in practice,” Isaacs said. In the class, students must draw up various contracts, create working partnership agreements and “draft memoranda explaining these items as if they were being presented to a corporate vice-president and general counsel.”

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Fred Isaacs has taught at Marylhurst University since 2000. He has been named Marylhurst MBA instructor of the year twice.

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