Garry Jost Furthers Research in Ethiopia

Garry Jost Examining Ethiopian Manuscript, Marylhurst UniversityDr. Garry Jost, religious studies faculty, traveled to Ethiopia in August 2016 to further his research as part of the Textual History of the Ethiopic Old Testament Project.

Researchers working on The Textual History of the Ethiopic Old Testament Project examine Ethiopian manuscripts from the 14th through 20th centuries. These manuscripts are written in Ge`ez, the ancient language of Ethiopia and the liturgical language of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

On his travels, Garry Jost consulted with fellow researchers, including Dr. Daniel Assefa, the director of the Franciscan Capuchin Research and Retreat Center in Addis Ababa.

Dr. Jost also presented the computer technology that he has developed for analysis of Ethiopian manuscripts.

Ethiopian Manuscript, The Old Testament, Garry Jost Travels to EthiopiaThe researchers examined manuscripts in monasteries and museums, the rock hewn churches of Lalibela, and historic sites of the Axumite Kingdom in Northern Ethiopia.

“As a bonus, while in Axum, I had a chance encounter with Greg Hands, a member of the British Parliament,” Jost said. “We had a fascinating conversation over dinner.”

Dr. Garry Jost teaches in the Master of Divinity and M.A. in Applied Pastoral Theology programs at Marylhurst University. His areas of expertise include biblical languages, biblical interpretation, Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament), and the history and faith of Judaism. He is an ordained minister.

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