Jodi Winnwalker Gives Keynote at Gerontology Conference

Jodi Winnwalker, Marylhurst UniversityJodi Winnwalker, music therapy clinical supervisor, will deliver a keynote address, The Aging Brain Needs Music, at Oregon State University’s Gerontology Conference on March 30, 2016.

Jodi Winnwalker partners with Larry Sherman to deliver an engaging presentation on how and why the aging brain needs music. Sherman offers insights into recent brain research—the connection between music, brain development and the ways music can prevent or delay brain aging and help patients with damage to the brain. Winnwalker presents the latest research in the field of music therapy—the evidence-based clinical application of music to address quality of life issues such as social connection, physical and mental health for older adults.

The two-day conference, held at Oregon State University, will feature workshops by leading geriatric professionals presenting current information for health and human services occupations in a wide variety of disciplines.

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Jodi Winnwalker is a clinical supervisor in the music therapy program at Marylhurst University. With colleagues Dr. Laura Beer and Lillieth Grand, Winnwalker received the 2015 Changemaker Award for Music Therapy Advocacy from the American Music Therapy Association.

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