Kacy McKinney Contributes Book Chapter

Writing Intimacy Into Feminist GeographyMarylhurst professor Kacy McKinney contributed a chapter to Writing Intimacy into Feminist Geography published in 2017 by Routledge, a division of Taylor & Francis Group.

Dr. McKinney contributed chapter seven, Writing/Drawing Experiences of Silence and Intimacy in Fieldwork Relationships; it includes an essay and a comic. McKinney’s chapter is one of five within the book’s section on Emergent Effects of Including One’s Own Story.

The editors of the collection are Pamela Moss from the University of Victoria, Canada, and Courtney Donovan of San Francisco State University.

Donovan and Moss compiled a collection of writings by scholars and researchers to introduce personal ways of writing intimacy into feminist geography. This collection provides valuable reflections about intimacy in the research process: from encounters in the field, through data analysis, to the various pieces of written work. As authors include their own stories, each chapter explores the methodological challenges of using intimacy in research as an approach, a topic and a site of interaction.

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Kacy McKinney is an assistant professor at Marylhurst University, teaching in the B.A. in Liberal Studies, environmental studies, M.S. in Food Systems and Society and M.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies programs. Her holistic approach to research transcends the disciplinary boundaries of human geography, cultural anthropology and rural sociology; she also draws on feminist theory, political economic/ecological theory, and more. 

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