Laura Beer Presents at Music-Thanatology Conference

Music Therapy in the NICU, Marylhurst UniversityDr. Laura Beer, chair of counseling and creative therapies, was invited to speak at the 2017 Music-Thanatology Association International conference in Spokane.

Music-Thanatology is the practice of providing end-of-life care through music – specifically with the harp and voice. While music-thanatology provides spiritual as well as emotional care, the profession is not aligned with any specific religious organization. The Music-Thanatology Association International (MTAI) is the professional organization, and the certifying body, for the field of music-thanatology worldwide.

At the 2017 conference, Dr. Beer participated in a panel discussion, Achieving Harmony: Distinctions between Music Therapy and Music-Thanatology. She was joined by Dia Walker, Kat Hollowell, Margaret Pasquesi and Jane Franz. The panelists discussed distinctions between the two practices, including requirements for competency and clinical practice for certification as a music-thanatologist versus licensure as a music therapist.

Dr. Laura Beer is director of the music therapy program and chair of the Department of Counseling and Creative Therapies at Marylhurst University. She has extensive experience as a music therapist, researcher and author in peer-reviewed journals. She serves on the editorial board of Music Therapy Perspectives and will become Editor-in-Chief in 2019.

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