Lauryn Hare Featured in Vogue Italia and ArtAscent

Marylhurst alum Lauryn Hare ’13 has a photography career taking off by leaps and bounds, with recent recognition in ArtAscent and Vogue Italia’s Best of 2017 selections.

Forced Repose by Lauryn Hare, Class of 2013, Marylhurst UniversityArtAscent, an international art magazine that showcases exciting emerging and indie artists and writers from around the world, named Lauryn Hare a Gold Artist and featured her work on the cover of their August 2017 issue.

“Lauryn Hare’s photographs give credence to the classical adage, A picture is worth one thousand words,” Alexis Culotto wrote for ArtAscent. “Exploring the power of both photography and portraiture, Lauryn juxtaposes the clarity of her images with the complex questions they leave unanswered.”

Throughout 2017, Lauryn’s powerful images have often been featured in Vogue Italia’s “Best of” selections. Vogue Italia is the Italian edition of Vogue, frequently cited as the top fashion magazine in the world.

Lauryn describes her portfolio of work on Vogue Italia as “centered around emotion, body language and natural light.”

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Lauryn Hare earned her bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies from Marylhurst University in 2013. In her self-designed degree, titled Imagery-Sustained Healing, Lauryn explored the therapeutic benefits of self-portrait photography through coursework in psychology and photography. She is a Portland-based photographer focused on creating portraits, writing photo essays and pursuing work that merges design, storytelling and fine art photography.