RELEASE: Marylhurst selected for national education project – EQUIP

Marylhurst University and Epicodus join forces to fill the need for a job-ready, college-educated workforce

Marylhurst University - Main Campus

U.S. Department of Education Under Secretary, Ted Mitchell, announced on Tuesday, Aug. 16, that Marylhurst University and Epicodus – a regional coding and software education provider – were selected to move forward in a unique national project called – Educational Quality Through Innovative Partnerships (EQUIP).

The Marylhurst and Epicodus partnership is one of only a few in the nation to be selected into phase three of development. This next phase will involve fine-tuning of the logistics of this partnership in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Education before final approval is given.

Marylhurst University, in partnership with Epicodus, will offer a 27-week certificate program in Web and Mobile Development – high-demand skills in our region. In completing the program, students will not only earn a certificate with transferable college credit, but will also have access to industry employers through internship opportunities.

Epicodus is a vocational school located in Portland where people from all walks of life come together to learn web and mobile development. The organization trains students in programming skills, and then helps them find work with software companies. However, Epicodus is not a regionally accredited institution and therefore students don’t have access to transferable college credit or federal financial aid, and that’s another reason for the partnership with a university. Marylhurst is accredited and can provide access to Epicodus students to these critical educational services.

“I am very excited for Marylhurst University at their inclusion as one of only a few universities across the country in the U.S. Department of Education’s Educational Quality through Innovative Partnerships (EQUIP) program. As our world and economy rapidly change, it’s so important that we invest in innovative learning opportunities for our students,” said Congressman Kurt Schrader. “EQUIP is a terrific program that helps students gain skills and build relationships outside of the classroom. I applaud Marylhurst’s continued commitment to preparing their students, our future workforce, with the tools they need for success.”

Moving forward, Marylhurst and Epicodus will continue to develop the logistics of this partnership throughout phase three as the U.S. Department of Education continues to collaborate and evaluate the partnership for final approval.

“A core part of Epicodus’ mission is to serve people who, by birth or circumstance, don’t have easy access to learning the skills they need to get great jobs in fields like software development. Since our beginning we’ve focused on keeping our classes affordable and providing financing for students without the means to pay, and our partnership with Marylhurst under the EQUIP program will help us reach more low-income students who can benefit from our services,” said Michael Kaiser-Nyman, President of Epicodus.

Because a partnership like this is new, a key element of the proposal is quality assurance. Evaluation methods, program outcomes and monitoring have been built in. In addition, quality assurance will be evaluated by an external party, CLIMB – a leading funder and evaluator of alternative education platforms.

“The potential value this partnership has for our region is tremendous. Marylhurst has always fostered innovation in higher education and our mission continues to provide access to a college education to those traditionally underserved,” said Melody Rose, President of Marylhurst. “When Epicodus approached us with this partnership – it just made sense. We are so honored to move forward as one of only a few universities selected.”

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