Marylhurst Ranks in Top 15 Sustainability Programs

Best Online Sustainability Degree Programs, Marylhurst UniversityMarylhurst University was ranked in the top 15 online Master’s in Sustainability programs nationwide by

Sustainability programs were ranked on a combination of factors, including prestige, networking potential and academic rigor. Prestige of the institution can provide greater visibility in job searches and giving students access to a larger alumni network. Prestige is typically correlated with academic rigor, which indicates a more highly qualified applicant in the eyes of most recruiters. Schools with better networking events, career offices, and alumni associations outrank schools where these programs might be lackluster or nonexistent outside the primary classroom environment. The number of credits, the admission requirements of a program, and its core curriculum are used to determine how academically rigorous it is for the typical student. Students should be able to learn something about sustainability and hit the ground running in a mid-level job after graduation.

Marylhurst was selected because its online MBA specifically appeals to adult learners who want the ultimate in flexibility. The MBA program is broken down into 12 courses, each of which can be completed in five weeks. The sustainability concentration focuses on green development and energy. Students are taught how to make sustainable development and construction choices, how renewable energy can make a difference, and how social leadership can influence public decision-making about sustainable products. Marylhurst is widely recognized for its online MBA programs, providing students with the opportunity to learn via case studies, participate in group business simulations, and gain hands-on experience through graduate internships. The school is a top choice especially for Oregon residents who will have access to a statewide network of Marylhurst alumni at their fingertips.

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