Paving the Path for Clackamas CC Students

Marylhurst University is paving the way for Clackamas Community College students to easily transition to a four-year degree program through an official agreement signed June 2016.

The presidents of Clackamas Community College and Marylhurst University sealed the partnership with a handshake and a signing ceremony on June 8.

Dr. Joanne Truesdell, president of Clackamas Community College, can attest to the value of continuing along the higher education path. She started at CCC herself, going on to complete advanced degrees at other Oregon institutions.

Marylhurst’s president, Dr. Melody Rose, is keenly aware of the need to make the transfer process seamless. As the first in her family to attend college, Dr. Rose knows first-hand what it’s like to navigate the unfamiliar terrain of the higher education landscape.

To that end, Marylhurst University and Clackamas Community College make academic advising and student services available to students at both institutions, regardless of which institution they’re currently attending. In this way, Clackamas Community College students can be making good choices in their first two years to ensure efficient completion of a four-year degree – saving time and money.

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