Ric Stephens Promotes International Urbanism

Ric Stephens, Marylhurst University, on Russia Today

Ric Stephens on Russia Today. Photo by Irina Vericheva.

Ric Stephens, business faculty, traveled in 2016 speaking on international urbanism, visiting Berlin, Gdynia, Moscow and Sydney, as well as Durban, South Africa and Quito, Ecuador.

As current president for the International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP), Ric Stephens regularly engages in urban planning events worldwide.

“I’m invited to these conferences to share best practices resulting from ISOCARP’s research and collaborative efforts,” Ric said. “But the real benefit is in the rich experiences and knowledge I bring back to share with my Marylhurst MBA students.”

In June, Ric Stephens appeared at the Metropolitan Solutions international conference in Berlin, Germany. He moderated a panel discussing the Kaleidoscope of Smart City Projects, featuring speakers from such “smart cities” as Berlin, Denver, London, Seoul and Vienna.

Also in June, Ric was a keynote speaker for the Living the in the City international conference in Gdynia, Poland. He spoke on urban housing in contemporary cities.

In July, he was a moderator and panelist for the Moscow Urban Forum in Russia. This year’s theme was Fast-Growing Megacities: Technologies for Dynamic Development. While there, Ric was featured on Russia Today, the 24/7 Russian television news service.

In August, Ric speaks at numerous venues in Sydney, Australia. He will discuss a variety of urban topics including metropolitan regional governance using Metro as a model.

In September, he presides over the 52nd International Planning Congress in Durban, South Africa with the theme Cities We Have vs. Cities We Need.

And in October, Ric attends the United Nations Habitat III event in Quito, Ecuador. He’ll assist in finalizing the New Urban Agenda to guide sustainable urban development for the next 20 years. The end goal, according to Dr. Joan Clos, Secretary-General of Habitat III, is international urban development that promotes “equity, welfare and shared prosperity.”

Ric Stephens teaches courses in sustainable development and international marketing in the MBA program at Marylhurst University. 




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