Tara Campbell Accepted at Johns Hopkins

ENG-tara-campbellTara Campbell, English literature & writing alum, was accepted into the highly competitive M.A. in Science Writing program at Johns Hopkins University in 2016.

The M.A. in Science Writing, part of the prestigious Advanced Academic Programs at Hopkins, is developing the next generation of writers and editors who will help the general public learn how increasingly complex science, medicine and technology affect lives. These are the individuals who translate the complicated information and trends of science, medicine and technology into meaningful, perceptive prose and media, serving  a vital public role.

Tara’s studies at Marylhurst University prepared her well for acceptance into the program, she said. “They reviewed 30 pages of my sample work — no research papers, just pure nonfiction writing. Thankfully, the Marylhurst programs are writing intensive, and I had that requirement covered.

“Marylhurst prepared me well by capturing the best of all worlds: creative fiction writing, creative nonfiction writing, digital storytelling, and sequential art (comics). There is no one true way to communicate ideas; none is superior to the others. And this is what Johns Hopkins University is looking for in their science writers.”

As part of her application, Tara submitted a personal essay, describing her evolution and why she felt prepared to enter the program at Johns Hopkins.

» Read excerpts from Tara’s personal essay on blog.marylhurst.edu

Tara Campbell earned a B.A. in English Literature & Writing with a concentration in text: image from Marylhurst University in 2015.

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