Tonda Liggett Published in Democracy & Education

Tonda Liggett, Marylhurst UniversityDr. Tonda Liggett, education faculty, co-authored a journal article published in the spring 2016 issue of Democracy & Education.

“I Didn’t See It as a Cultural Thing”: Supervisors of Student Teachers Define and Describe Culturally Responsive Supervision is the result of research conducted by Tonda Liggett with two colleagues from Lewis & Clark College.

Liggett and her fellow researchers conducted a qualitative study to learn how student teaching supervisors described and supported culturally responsive pedagogy. They found that supervisors hold limited views of culturally responsive pedagogy. In addition, they found that student teaching supervisors face numerous challenges when attempting culturally responsive supervision. These challenges include feelings of inadequacy, difficulty talking about race, color-blind orientations, and a tendency to purposefully avoid race talk.

The authors include recommendations for professional development to address these challenges. As a result, Liggett and her colleagues promote the democratic education ideals of equality and justice in our schools.

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Tonda Liggett is a member of the faculty and ESOL Program Coordinator at Marylhurst University. Her expertise is in curriculum theory, language education and teacher identity.

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