Zoe Matties Hired at Food Matters Manitoba

Zoe Matties, Class of 2016, Marylhurst UniversityMarylhurst alum Zoe Matties ’16 was recently hired as research assistant at Food Matters Manitoba in Winnipeg.

Zoe Matties was “thrilled” by the job offer, as she had recently returned to her hometown and was looking for an opportunity that utilized her education and passion for food sovereignty, she said.

That passion is evident in a scholarly article Zoe authored, published in the peer-reviewed journal Cuizine: Unsettling Settler Food Movements: Food Sovereignty and Decolonization in Canada.

Food Matters Manitoba is “doing some important work on food security and food sovereignty, especially as it pertains to immigrants, refugees and indigenous peoples,” Zoe said. “They were also instrumental in setting up a food policy counsel for Winnipeg.”

Food Matters Manitoba partners with people and communities to increase access to good food; provides food skills education that incorporates culture, tradition and nutrition; and champions a better food system through food policy work and community engagement.

Zoe Matties earned her M.S. in Food Systems & Society from Marylhurst University in 2016. 

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