Cost Calculators

Cost of Attendance Calculators and Estimators for Marylhurst

With the recent decision to close Marylhurst University by the end of 2018, the information on our Tuition and Aid pages may not be current. We are reviewing and making updates as needed. If you have a question about the accuracy of information contained here, please contact our Office of Financial Aid.

We know that deciding to attend college is one of the most important investment decisions you will ever make. We also know that finding a way to pay for college can be a challenge, so we are committed to working with you to help make your education affordable.

Estimated Education Expenses

Financial aid can be used to assist you with education expenses beyond tuition and fees. All schools are required to use a “standard” budget of estimated expenses when determining federal financial aid eligibility. The Office of Financial Aid reviews these estimated expenses annually.

Item Estimated Expense
Books $55 per course credit
Room & Board * $4,400 per term
Personal Expenses $650 per term
Transportation $500 per term

On a case-by-case basis we can add documented day care/child care expenses to a student’s budget.

* Estimated area housing costs. Marylhurst is a commuter university; student housing is not available on campus.

Cost of Attendance Calculator (for Admitted Students)

If you have received an official award letter from the Marylhurst Office of Financial Aid, you can use the Cost-of-Attendance calculator to determine whether your financial aid will cover your full cost of attending the university. Please use the information included in your award letter to calculate your total cost of attendance.

Use the C-o-A Calculator

Cost of Program

To help you estimate or approximate the cost of your degree program, we’ve provided total cost of programs based on the total number of credits in the major and current tuition rate. The cost calculation does not include course fees (which are rare at Marylhurst), textbooks,  any courses you may need to take outside of your major (for example courses in the Marylhurst Core) and the number of credits you transfer into Marylhurst.

Undergraduate Degree Programs

Program Number of Credits in Major Total Cost Based on Major
Art (B.F.A.) 60 $27,780
Business Management 60 $27,780
English Literature & Writing 60 $27,780
Hospitality Management 60 $27,780
Liberal Studies 60 $27,780
Music Therapy 142 $65,746
Music 82 $37,966
Psychology 60 $27,780

Graduate Degree Programs

Program Number of Credits in Major Total Cost Based on Major
Applied Pastoral Theology (M.A.) 60 – 68 $30,300 –  $34,340
Art Therapy Counseling (M.A.) 90 $57,690
Creative Writing (M.F.A.) 64 $41,024
Divinity (M.Div.) 112 – 120 $56,560 – $60,600
Education (M.Ed.) 45 $25,695
Food Systems and Society (M.S.) 48 – 52 $30,768 – $33,332
MBA (including Health Care, Real Estate and Sustainable Business) 48 – 52 $30,768 – $33,332
Mental Health Counseling (M.A.) 90 $57,690
Social Change & Leadership (M.A.I.S.) 51 – 55 $32,691 – $35,255
Teaching (M.A.T.) 54 $30,834

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