Frequently Asked Questions about Tuition and Financial Aid 

Applying for Financial Aid – FAQs

  • What do I have to do to apply for financial aid?
  • What is the school’s federal ID/code?
  • What is the Office of Financial Aid’s fax number and can I fax my application to you?
  • Is it too late to apply for financial aid?
  • Why do I have to complete the verification worksheet?
  • Why do I have to provide tax transcripts?
  • How do I obtain a tax transcript?
  • Is it worth taking the time to apply for aid if I think I make too much money?
  • Why am I considered a “dependent student”?
  • What are “special circumstances” and how can they affect my financial aid?
  • Do I have to apply for aid every year?
Answers: Applying for Financial Aid

Receiving Financial Aid – FAQs

  • When can I expect to get my award and is there any way to speed up the process?
  • My award letter indicated that to keep my financial aid I need to make satisfactory academic progress. What does that mean?
  • My award letter says I have to complete a Direct Loan Master Promissory Note. What does that mean?
  • What is “loan entrance counseling” and how do I complete it?
    When will my loan be certified?
  • Can I do my loan entrance counseling and complete the loan master promissory note before I am awarded aid?
  • How do I know that my application for a Stafford or PLUS loan has been approved? Is there a possibility of it being rejected?
  • What is the difference between a subsidized and an unsubsidized federal Stafford loan?
    What are the Stafford loan limits?
    What are “alternative loans”?
  • Is any more aid available?
  • I only want to take one class this term. Can I still receive financial aid for that class?
  • If I only have one class left to take toward my degree, should I register for additional classes to get up to half-time enrollment so I can receive financial aid?
Answers: Receiving Financial Aid

Cost and Financial Aid Refunds – FAQs

  • How much are tuition and fees?
  • How much will books cost?
  • Will financial aid cover my admissions fee or test fees?
  • I was awarded financial aid in excess of my actual costs. When will I get my money?
  • Can financial aid cover an outstanding balance from a previous school term?
  • Can I get aid for repeated courses?
  • What is “pending aid”? Can I get a refund from pending aid? If my aid is pending, can I defer payment on my student account?
  • When can I get a book voucher?
  • When do I need to clear my student account?
  • How do I use financial aid to clear my student account?
  • Does Marylhurst University provide short-term loans?
  • What options do I have to clear my account if my financial aid does not cover my bill?
Answers: Cost and Financial Refunds

Co-Enrollment and/or Consortium Agreements – FAQs

  • I am taking classes at Marylhurst University and another school. Can I get aid from both schools?
  • What is the difference between being “co-enrolled” and completing a “consortium agreement”?
  • How do I complete a consortium agreement form?
Answers: Co-enrollment and Consortium Agreements


  • How do I find a federal work-study job on campus?
  • Where do I look for outside scholarships?
  • How do I get Veterans’ Administration education benefits?
  • Where can I file a complaint?
Answers: Other Aid Questions

Contact Us – Office of Financial Aid

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