Questions about Applying for Financial Aid?

What do I have to do to apply for financial aid?

If you haven’t already done so, you must apply for admission into Marylhurst University. You can apply for admission and financial aid at the same time. Visit our Apply for Financial Aid & Scholarships page for more details on the application process.

What is the Marylhurst’s federal ID/code?

Marylhurst University’s federal ID code for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is 003199.

What is the Office of Financial Aid’s fax number and can I fax my application to you?

The Financial Aid office fax number is 503.635.6585. We can accept faxes of most documents as long as they are signed. We cannot accept faxes of the FAFSA. If your documents are printed on colored paper, please make white photocopies of them for faxing; color paper faxes often are unreadable.

Is it too late to apply for financial aid?

Financial aid can take two to four weeks to process, depending on the time of year you apply. Aid cannot be given at the end of the term, so if you apply for aid on the last day of the term, you probably won’t be awarded in time to receive aid for that term. If you want to use aid to clear your student account, please allow enough time to receive your award prior to the due date for that term (generally the second week of classes).

Why do I have to complete the verification worksheet?

(undergraduate students only)
The federal financial aid processor flags 30 percent of all aid applicants for a process called verification. However, Marylhurst University verifies ALL undergraduate aid applicants. This means we will request certain financial documents to confirm the information on the FAFSA is correct.

Why do I have to provide tax transcripts?

The information on the verification worksheet and the tax return transcript is compared to the information on the FAFSA to ensure accuracy and allow for maximum aid eligibility consideration.

How do I obtain a tax transcript?

The easiest ways to order a federal tax return transcript from the IRS are by phone at 800.908.9946 or online. If you go online, click “Get a tax transcript by mail.” Make sure to order the “tax return” and not the “tax account transcript.” Also, if you qualify for the IRS Data Retrieval Tool on the FAFSA, we will waive your Tax Return Transcript requirement.

Is it worth taking the time to apply for financial aid if I think I make too much money?

We encourage all students to apply for financial aid even if they think they make too much money. Financial aid is based on a variety of factors, not just financial need. Most students can qualify for non-need-based federal student loans if they are enrolled at least half-time in an eligible degree program.

Why am I considered a “dependent student?”

The federal government considers any student in an undergraduate degree program who is under 24 years old to be dependent unless a student meets one of several specific criteria (e.g., married, orphaned, ward of the court, veteran, have a child to support). If you believe you have special circumstances that could override your designation as a dependent, please contact our Office of Financial Aid. Being self-supporting and/or a parent’s unwillingness to provide information on the FAFSA are not considered special circumstances.

What are “special circumstances” and how can they affect my financial aid?

The FAFSA asks for previous year’s income information. You must re-apply for financial aid every year, and you are reconsidered for aid based on your previous year’s income information. In some cases, previous year information is not an accurate reflection of your ability to pay for your education. Special circumstances could include a dramatic loss of income from one year to the next year due to “involuntary” circumstances, such as an involuntary loss of your job or one-time income from an insurance settlement. In some special circumstances, we can base your aid on estimated current year income instead of previous year income. If you think you have special circumstances, please complete our Request for Re-Evaluation of Aid form.

Do I have to apply for financial aid every year?

Yes, students must re-apply for aid for each new award year. Award years include fall term through summer term (e.g., fall 2016 through summer 2017).

Contact Us – Office of Financial Aid

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