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Applying for Financial Aid at Marylhurst

The requirements for applying for financial aid change from year to year, so please review the process below. Please contact us at or 503.699.6253 if you have questions or need help with any step in the financial aid application process.

Financial Aid Application Process

Student at Marylhurst UniversityDirections for applying for financial aid for the 2016-17 academic year (meaning you intend to take Marylhurst courses fall 2016, winter 2017, spring 2017, summer 2017). You can now also apply for the 2017-18 academic year (fall 2017, winter 2018, spring 2018, summer 2018), following the same steps, but you must apply for one year at a time.

 Step One – FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

Complete the online FAFSA form. We’ll get notified once you have submitted it.

 Step Two – Apply for Admissions to Marylhurst (if you are not a currently admitted student)

 Step Three – Fill out Marylhurst’s Financial Aid formYou will get access to this online form once you are admitted into Marylhurst and have completed your FAFSA.

 Step Four (only for undergraduate students) 

  • Complete the 2016-17 verification worksheet or the 2017-18 verification worksheet (depending on the year you’re applying for aid).
  • Sign and return to the worksheet to the Marylhurst Office of Financial Aid
  • Send a copy of your 2015 Federal Tax Return Transcript (we cannot accept signed copies of the federal tax return you submit to the IRS, so you’ll need to request your transcript from the IRS and return it to the Marylhurst Office of Financial Aid). You can request a tax return transcript from the IRS:
    • Online
    • By calling 1.800.908.9946
    • By visiting your local IRS office (find the IRS office location nearest you)

Please note that it may take five to 10 business days to receive your tax return transcript after the IRS receives your request.

Marylhurst University campusBeyond federal financial aid, there are scholarships. When you submit your financial aid application, we automatically consider you for Marylhurst scholarships. Our Office of Financial Aid will review your academic record and the information on your financial aid applications to determine if you are eligible for a scholarship. Because funds are limited, we encourage you to apply as early as possible for maximum consideration; scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

However, there are some Marylhurst scholarships that DO require a separate scholarship application. To learn more about those scholarships, visit our Scholarship Info page and follow the applications instructions for the scholarships you’re interested in receiving. Please pay close attention to the deadline(s) listed on the application(s).

What Happens After You Apply – Your Award Package

When we’ve received all the documents outlined above, we’ll be able to determine your aid eligibility.

Within four to six weeks (and often sooner), we’ll send you an email notification that your award package is ready to view. It will explain the types of aid and amounts you are eligible to receive. If we need more information, it will be listed on the To Do List within your award package.

  Once you are a student with Marylhurst, you will need to meet certain requirements to maintain your financial aid – and that includes applying for aid each year.  Review information about “maintaining your aid.”

Secure Your Loans

Student at Marylhurst UniversityIf you are eligible to receive federal loans, please follow the steps outlined for your loan:

If you haven’t already – review our “Type of Aid – Loans” section for information about taking out loans, federal maximums you may borrow and information about private education loans.

Exit Loan Counseling

Should you withdraw from school or cease to be enrolled at least half-time, you will need to complete loan exit counseling — even if you plan to return to your studies. You can complete your exit loan counseling online at and click on the “Exit Counseling” button. This website provides information about payment options, deferments, debt management, and your rights and responsibilities. When you finish the session on the website, a record will be transmitted to the Office of Financial Aid confirming that you have completed exit loan counseling. If you have any questions regarding your loans, please contact our financial aid office at or 503.699.6253.

Private Education Loans

We strongly encourage you to apply for federal loans before seeking education funding through a private loan.

If you choose to pursue a private loan, we have a link below where you can compare loan options. Please note this is not a complete list of private loans available to you.

The ELMSelect website can help you make an informed decision about the most appropriate private education loans for you. This site allows you to quickly and accurately compare interest rates and loan terms of multiple private loan lenders side by side.


The Marylhurst Office of Financial Aid follows a strict code of conduct in providing guidance to students who are seeking private education loans.