Maintaining financial aid

With the recent decision to close Marylhurst University by the end of 2018, the
information on our Tuition and Aid pages may not be current. We are reviewing and making updates as needed. If you have a question about the accuracy of information contained here, please contact our Office of Financial Aid.

Maintaining Financial Aid (Information for Current Students)

As a current student at Marylhurst, keeping up with your financial aid is pretty straight forward. Make sure to maintain good grades, attend college, at least, half-time as specified by your award letter and re-apply for financial aid every year. That’s the big stuff to keep in mind. And don’t forget that financial aid is just part of funding your education. Make sure to check out other financial management resources and ways you can successfully pay for college.

Applying for Financial Aid – Yup, You Need to Every Year

Each year you plan to attend college and want to be considered for financial aid, you will need to apply. Luckily, the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is now super easy to complete online. And just as a heads up, the sooner you apply each year, the more opportunities for funding exist. FAFSA applications for the upcoming academic year are available starting October 1 of the previous year.

Maintaining Aid – Satisfactory Progress

Federal financial aid regulations require you to make “satisfactory academic progress” toward completing your degree in order to receive federal financial aid. We have a policy to determine what is “satisfactory academic progress” and levels of warning to let you know if you could potentially lose your financial aid due to academic issues. Our satisfactory academic progress policy applies to all federal, state and institutional aid and to all enrolled students at Marylhurst University.

Marylhurst’s Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

We evaluate satisfactory academic progress at the end of each term. We require financial aid recipients to maintain the following standards of satisfactory progress:

  • Complete the number of credits for which financial aid was received. For example, if you received aid for 6 credits, you must complete 6 credits. Students must be enrolled at least half-time to receive financial aid (defined at 6+ credits for undergraduates,  4+ credits for graduates).
  • Undergraduate students: Maintain both a term and cumulative *2.00 GPA
  • Graduate students: Maintain both a term and cumulative *3.00 GPA.
  • Complete your degree in a timely manner.

* Please note that some students receiving named scholarships may be required to maintain a significantly higher GPA.

If you fail to meet any one of these standards, you will be classified as not making satisfactory academic progress and could be placed under a financial aid warning.

[Download the Satisfactory Academic Progress info sheet]

Completing Your Degree in a Timely Manner

  • We expect full-time undergraduate students to complete a bachelor’s degree in a maximum of five years or prior to reaching 150 percent of the number of credits required for their degree (270 quarter credits for a bachelor’s degree). Students enrolled less than full-time must complete a bachelor’s degree in a maximum of seven years or prior to reaching 150 percent of the number of credits required for their degree (270 quarter credits for a bachelor’s degree).
  • We expect graduate students to complete a master’s degree within five years or prior to reaching 150 percent of the number of credits required for their degree.

Warnings – What Happens When You’re Not Making Satisfactory Academic Progress

Whether you’re unable to complete your degree in a timely manner or do not hold the academic grades to make “satisfactory academic progress,” there are several levels of warnings that could be placed on your financial aid. Here’s what they are and what they mean:

Withdrawing From Classes – What Happens to Your Financial Aid? 

If you withdraw from one or more classes during any given term, we will need to revisit your financial aid award to determine how much of your federal aid may need to be returned. The federal government has several requirements about how we make this calculation.

Learn more:

We encourage you to contact the Office of Financial Aid ( or 503.699.6253) prior to making a decision to withdraw from one or more classes to better determine how your financial aid award may be affected.

Access your up-to-date Financial Aid information online through FinAid in My Marylhurst. Log into My Marylhurst, with your Marylhrust One Account, and then go to the “Registration and Finance” tab.

Office of Financial Aid

Got questions about your financial aid? Need a friendly face to talk to about your award letter or just need to make sure you’re doing ok in maintaining your aid? Contact our Office of Financial Aid – a really helpful team that is always available to help you.

Contact Information

Office is located on the main floor of the B.P. John Admin building.

Looking for specific financial aid forms? How about the financial aid handbook? All that great financial aid content is available in our Tuition and Aid section of this website. Just as a heads up: it’s a lot of information so if you ever need any help, please feel free to reach out to our Office of Financial Aid.

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