Tuition Rates

Tuition Rates and Fees for Marylhurst

Tuition and fees vary depending on which degree program you are enrolled in. Financial aid also can be used to assist with other education expenses, such as books, transportation, and room and board.

The following rates are effective summer term – spring term.

2017-18 Tuition Rates

Undergraduate – Regular $463
Undergraduate – Audit $278
Undergraduate – Elder Audit (65 or older) $50
GRADUATE Cost Per Credit
Graduate – MAIS, Religious Studies $618
Graduate – MBA, Art Therapy Counseling (including Practicum), Food Systems $628
Graduate – Education & Teaching $560
Graduate – Audit $371
Graduate – Elder Audit (65 or older) $50

University and Course Fees

Fees at Marylhurst University are kept at a minimum. We don’t have the typical university fees you may see at other institutions like athletic fees, parking fees or health center fees. Our resource focus is on the classroom and ensuring your tuition is covering the academic service you are receiving.

Matriculation fee for all newly admitted students $150
International student matriculation fee for newly admitted students who are studying on an F-1 Visa $200
Art (118/201 / 231 /234 /263 – 268 /271/272/301-303/309/310/322/323/349/351/352/363 – 373/423/470/472 – 474) $50*
Art Therapy (AT 002) $300*
English (LIT 371) $170*
Environmental Studies (ENV 323) $125*
Interior Design (215/216/318/319/496/498-1/498-2) $25*
MAIS (INT 598-1/598-2/598-3/598-4) $300*
Music (ENS 000/005/006/008) $100
Religious Studies (MDT 596/597/598/592  PMT 596/597/598/592) $300*
CEUs Art Therapy (AT 010 – 099) and Other Professional Development $175
CEUs Education (EDU 050) – per credit $100
CEUs (BUS 050) $100
LRN 150 (4.5 Credits) $2,084
Self-Paced Portfolio Course $500

 Fee is in addition to course tuition.

Unique Program Fees

Private Music Lessons – For Credit
Weekly 50 Minute Lessons (1 credit) $230*
Private Music Lessons – Non-Credit
Weekly 30 Minute Lessons $382
Weekly 45 Minute Lessons $573
 Weekly 60 Minute Lessons  $764
Preparatory Music Program
Weekly 30 Minute Lessons $286
Weekly 45 Minute Lessons $430
 Weekly 60 Minute Lessons  $573

* Fee + Tuition

Beyond tuition rates and fees, you should also consider other educational and life expenses, such as textbooks, cost of living, daycare and other financial expenses that impact you as a student. Take a moment to view our “cost calculators and estimators” for Marylhurst.

Are you a current student looking for information on how to pay your tuition bill? Payments are done through My Marylhurst.  And don’t forget to check out information about ways to manage your finances to make the most of your Marylhurst education in our “managing the cost of your education” section.

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